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Kressmann Sélection Chardonnay
Resulting from the finest selection of chardonnay grapes from France, Kressmann Sélection Chardonnay offers a rich nose and a crisp freshness with well-balanced aromas of white blossom on the palate.

Perfect as an aperitif or paired with chicken, pork, pasta with cream sauces and seafood.

Available in 1.5 L bottles

Kressmann Sélection Merlot
Kressmann Sélection Merlot is the result of the finest selection of merlot grapes from France. A lovely garnet-red colour, it is distinguishable with its aromas of fresh red fruit, delicate palate with round, soft tannins and a long finish.

The Kressmann Sélection Merlot wine pairs perfectly with pizza, pasta with tomato sauce, barbecued beef or hamburgers.

Available in 1.5L bottles.